Chapter 5: PETA's Worst Nightmare

"What do you mean, the shuttle disappeared!" It was Scott, CEO of the Corporation and really fat bastard, screaming from behind his huge mahogany desk. The skinny little intern that was sent to give him the news shook visibly.

"Yes sir," he stuttered a bit as he continued, "After we sent the initial transmission out to throw off the Pirate Ninja, we lost contact with the shuttle on our secure lines. We sent a team out and it was nowhere to be found."

"So I take it we don't have the data or the woman anymore?" Scott had calmed his voice into something more sinister than even his anger could have conveyed.

"N-n-no sir." The intern choked.

"Where is Omegazone?"

"I'm... I mean, that is... I don't... I can't say, sir" The intern was ready to shit himself.

Scott came around the desk and grabbed the intern by his throat. "He is dressed as a mouse fucking a rabbit, isn't he." It was more of a statement than a question.

Scott removed his hand from the neck of the young intern and walked back behind his desk. He pressed a button that opened the window behind him.

"Jump out." He said.

The intern jumped. From the 99th floor of Corporate headquarters. Scott was a powerful man.

After typing a few words on a keyboard, an image came up on the screen in front of him. It was a large hairy man with Mickey Mouse ears on his head and a dead rabbit hanging off his nether region. The scene would have been hilarious if it wasn't so mentally disturbing.

"Omega!" Scott yelled. The man with the rabbit turned towards the screen and nearly fell over himself trying to run. When you get caught raping a corpse of a rabbit, any person's first instinct would be to run. Omega was no different. He didn't know where he was going only that he needed to run, far and fast.

The problem was that rabbits do not get raped to death without a fair share of blood spilling on the ground. Blood is slippery. The faceplant was epic.

"Get up, you idiot." Scott's tone was slow and serious. Omega heard the finality in it and complied without a word. He took off the mouse ears and stood at attention looking directly into the screen.

"You are going to find the girl. You will find whoever she is with. You will kill them and bring her back here, along with the files. I will make her tell me how to use them, then you will kill her. You have 8 hours to do this."

Scott closed out of the screen. After a second thought, he opened it back up.

"Oh, and Omega..."

"Yes sir." Omega said as he was cleaning himself up.

"If you fail, I shall see to it that you share the rabbit's fate."


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