Chapter 6: Number 8 Makes Off With the Chronic

Womp sat at the edge of the very same rock Katana had hid behind earlier. His comm device had lit up red and he knew what that meant; War soon. He had gathered up all of his guns, an assortment of auto, semi-auto, handguns, grenade launchers and RPGs (753 of them altogether) and was waiting for his ride.

Within a few minutes he was loading it all onto the Titsorgetthefuckout. Captain Buggernuts was there to say hi.

"So what's the plan?" Womp inquired as Smerff joined then on the bridge.

"We are going to fly around and kill everyone we see." Smerff said. "We see no need to wait 12 more hours to get started." Captain Buggernuts finished for him.

"Agreed," said Womp "What about Zero? I hear he is busy as well. If we find him, we find the fight."

"Yeah, we kind of figured the same thing." Buggernuts said as he pulled a nice sized joint out of his pocket and gave it to Smerff to fire up. "We haven't heard anything yet, though."

"We all know Zero too well." Smerff lit the joint and handed it off to Womp. "He is probably going to rush into Corporate headquarters alone, try to kill everyone himself, then need our help and send word at the very last minute."

"Too true," Captain Buggernuts said as he inhaled a large cloud of smoke. "We pretty much have to stay around enemy airspace near their headquarters until we hear from him. That means there will probably be at least one or two patrols in for a battle between now and then."

"Or ten." Womp said. "Oh well, better to start now than wait til later."

Smerff was just about to agree as a dark figure that looked more ninja than pirate appeared on his right side and took the still burning half joint from his hand. It was Number 8.

"Zero sent me. He says stay close by Corporate Headquarters. He is going there to kill everyone himself, with his bare hands. He will need you when that doesn't work. He also thanks you for the rest of this joint."

Then, as sudden as he appeared, Number 8 vanished, leaving three slightly stoned pirate ninja wondering where their joint went and how long it would be until they could find Zero so they could hit the roach.