Chapter 3: The Traitorous Bitch

As soon as Katana heard the shrill screams of the drunk monkeys she knew Zero wouldn't be following her anymore. He would be delayed at least a few minutes and that was all she needed to reach her rendezvous point.

As she reached the tall cliffs just outside the trees, she spotted the Corporate transport shuttle waiting for her. The plan was for her to meet with the two Corporate security guards and go with them back to their headquarters. Her plan, however, was different.

She crouched behind some large rocks just above the pick-up site. The security guards hadn't seen her yet, so they stood just outside the shuttle unaware of what was about to transpire. She used a small USB reader to inspect the data she had stolen; Three sound files and one full of naked women that wasn't part of the plan but had been stolen anyways, out of spite.

This was the data the Corporation wanted. The data they gave her all their resources to get her hands on. The very same data that would destroy everything the Rogue Pirate Ninja clan had worked for the last 100 years to achieve, and probably kill every single one of them.

It was also, however, data that she had no inkling at all to hand over to them. Someone else wanted it, and that someone was paying a price that even the Corporation could not afford.

Suddenly, a beam came out of the dark sky and focused on the shuttle and two security guards. Within a few seconds they dissipated into oblivion, every atom in their bodies and the ship having been torn apart into a trillion tiny pieces of nothingness. Not even a scorched mark on the Earth remained.

An alien ship appeared, hovering just above the spot where the corporate transport shuttle had once been. Katana emerged from her hiding place and approached quickly, entering into a door that had opened up as it lowered to the ground. As soon as she was safe inside, the vessel shot off into the sky.


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